The Unthinking Stasis of ThinkProgress's Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

Yesterday Zack Ford of ThinkProgress published this predictably reckless dismissal of the GOP's arguments against same-sex marriage. Ford says that the GOP's position rests on "junk science," which is like a crackhead calling someone who smokes a cigar once a month a hopeless addict.  The promoters of same-sex marriage have claimed that there's a "consensus" in favor of same-sex parenting, because pediatricians (the experts on vaccinations), sociologists, and psychologists (the people who for a century classified homosexuality as a mental disorder) have stated that kids of same-sex couples won't inevitably suffer.  I suppose the dentists and zookeepers will be next.  All of these professionals have known for decades that if they didn't say otherwise they would very likely lose their jobs, their licenses, and all their friends. So this consensus is about as valuable as a commendation letter signed by someone with a loaded gun pressed to his forehead. Maybe Zack's...(Read Full Post)