The Unthinking Stasis of ThinkProgress's Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

Yesterday Zack Ford of ThinkProgress published this predictably reckless dismissal of the GOP's arguments against same-sex marriage.

Ford says that the GOP's position rests on "junk science," which is like a crackhead calling someone who smokes a cigar once a month a hopeless addict.  The promoters of same-sex marriage have claimed that there's a "consensus" in favor of same-sex parenting, because pediatricians (the experts on vaccinations), sociologists, and psychologists (the people who for a century classified homosexuality as a mental disorder) have stated that kids of same-sex couples won't inevitably suffer.  I suppose the dentists and zookeepers will be next.  All of these professionals have known for decades that if they didn't say otherwise they would very likely lose their jobs, their licenses, and all their friends.

So this consensus is about as valuable as a commendation letter signed by someone with a loaded gun pressed to his forehead.

Maybe Zack's compadres should talk to adoptees and people conceived with anonymous sperm donors or surrogate mothers.  While some are unaffected by the dislocation from their biological origins, many are haunted and scarred.  (As a descendant of slaves, I am haunted and scarred because my ancestors were cut off from me.)  Just read the lines recently posted by controversial black anchorwoman Melissa Harris-Perry:

We do live in a nation where slaveholders took the infants from the arms of my foremothers and sold them for their own profit. We do live in a nation where the government snatched American Indian children from their families and "re-educated" them by forbidding them to speak their language and practice their traditions.

If you don't see flashing red lights and a gigantic billboard saying "BAD IDEA" when you contemplate gay couples buying other adults out of their offspring and then raising kids as if one of the biological parents never existed, then there's really no point in discussing the ethics of parenting. Please don't call in the APA to settle the matter for you.

Zack Ford discredits Doug Mainwaring's line that the same-sex marriage movement is turning children into "chattel" to serve the selfish demands of adults.  Zack, how do gay men and lesbians come to be exclusive parents of children?  They pay men for their sperm and women for use of their wombs, then pay them to go away.  This is essentially buying other human beings as property because certain adults -- not always gays, but here we are talking about gay adults -- care more about having kids than about the kids' right to half their ancestry.  What part of "chattel" or "selfish" is unclear?

Republicans are gathering in southern California, where the State Assembly hopes to force health plans to buy offspring for gays and lesbians, and the State Senate may strip the Boy Scouts of their tax-exempt status unless they allow gay adults to supervise pubescent boys in tents on campus trips (what could go wrong?).  California is the state that's legally mandated public schools to teach "gays in history" and banned therapists from helping minors to avoid homosexual desires.

Visits to the Ronald Reagan Memorial Library in Simi Valley can only recharge you so many times before you start inhaling the totalitarian LGBT ideology and start finding it normal for gay couples to engineer children so that they have captive sources of love who can't leave them -- since, to quote Californian Perez Hilton, "boyfriends and husbands may come and go, but kids are forever."

But as sad as the GOP makes me, at least they aren't part of something as unthinking and static as "ThinkProgress."

Robert Oscar Lopez is the author of Johnson Park and editor of English Manif.