Your money, your property

So, you decide to do a little shopping downtown and you pull into a privately owned parking garage. While your car is there, the city decides to levy a one time "parkers tax" on your property and breaks into your car in order to appropriate your sound system. Now substitute a bank for the parking garage and your hard earned money for the sound system and you can understand how the Cyrpiot people might be feeling about now. To whom does your money belong? You might be surprised at the answer if you ask officials at the EU or some liberal Democrats here in the states. In fact, one of the dividing lines between liberals and conservatives is that liberals believe your money belongs to the government, and it is government that decides how much of it you can keep. Conservatives believe that your money is your property and that you decide how much to give to government. It's a state of mind that's at issue more than a reflection of reality. In truth, we elect representatives who ostensibly...(Read Full Post)