Yoani Sanchez is wonderful but wrong about the embargo

Yoani Sanchez is a wonderful lady.  She has single handily put Cuba's repressive state on the front pages.   Her trip to the US and other places has been a great success even if there were demonstrators calling her a CIA agent.  I hope that they don't email the editors of American Thinker that I am an agent of the CIA, too. By the way, do these demonstrators know that such demonstrations are not allowed in Cuba?  It's amazing to me the extent to which the left will go to make fools of themselves. Yoani is wrong about the embargo. I am not angry with Yoani about that.  I think that she has never been told, or heard about, the real story of the embargo and why the Castro dictatorship is desperately trying to lift it. Cuba does not have an embargo problem. Instead, it has a "we can't get credit anymore" problem. Cuba also has a "socialism does not work" problem. Cuba can do business with any country on earth.The world is ready and willing to...(Read Full Post)