Will the next Pope be an American?

Ed Morrissey, who is covering the upcoming conclave of cardinals who will choose the next Pope, thinks that one or two Americans may get a serious look. The new Pope won't be changing church doctrine - in fact, that's impossible for any pontiff, who becomes the guardian of doctrine - but the Catholic Church wants to change the way in which it communicates the teachings so as to be effective in the 21st century.  Dolan has certainly demonstrated an ability to get past what George Weigel describes as the old right/left paradigm and represent Catholic Christianity to a broad spectrum of people. Cardinal Dolan isn't the American getting the most buzz here, however.  It's one thing for the New York Times to notice an Archbishop of New York; it's quite another for Corriere della Sera to notice the Archbishop of Boston, Sean O'Malley.  The quiet, humble, and accomplished reformer has drawn more attention here than perhaps anyone would have predicted. ...(Read Full Post)