Will Obama Grab Your IRA?

On February 22, I was distressed to read an article at American Thinker by John White headlined: "The Feds Want Your Retirement Accounts." It must have made a bunch of other readers bilious, too, as it garnered 457 comments. I had heard rumors about the government grabbing our IRAs for years, and had thought it was an urban legend. But White got me worrying.

For Americans who worry about such asset grabs, there's a terrific article out today at Cato's Domain: "Obama's IRA Money Grab? A Modest Proposal." Even if you don't worry about government asset grabs, Cato's proposal may well appeal to you anyway. The article is short, sweet, and worth reading.

After reading, click on Cato's Domain up-top to peruse the rest of the website. Cato's Domain is not only informative -- it's fun.

Jon N. Hall is a programmer/analyst from Kansas City.


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