Vote Counts and Vampire Counts

Recently two well-known conservative experts on U.S. voting irregularities came to speak at the Federalist Society of Mineola, Long Island. They included John Fund of the American Spectator, Wall Street Journal, and National Review, who coauthored Who's Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote At Risk. The second speaker was Grant Lally, an attorney who successfully argued the 2000 case of then-presidential candidate George W. Bush before the Miami-Dade and Orange Counties Boards of Elections, as well as later being involved in many other recount battles. Mr. Fund's coauthor, Hans von Spakovsky, was scheduled to speak but couldn't leave Washington due to weather conditions. John Fund began by saying that he found that our voting system is encumbered by bureaucratic bungling as well as voter fraud which he described as "purposeful confusion." Citing the example of Long Beach, Long Island, Fund told of vote totals at a nursing home of a 100 percent Democratic turnout....(Read Full Post)