Venezuela says permanently embalming Hugo Chávez's body faces 'technical' difficulties

Venezuelan leaders keen on displaying Hugo Chávez's embalmed corpse in a museum -- just like exhibitions of Lenin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh - apparently overlooked a television interview in which Chávez denounced the public display of corpses as "macabre," "disrespectful," and a product of "moral decomposition."  Now, Venezuela's leaders have all but dropped plans to display Chávez's body in a military museum.   Venezuela's Acting President Nicolás Maduro, speaking in Caracas on Wednesday during the opening of a book fair, made no mention of the television interview that's now being widely circulated on Spanish-language television channels, YouTube, and social networking sites. Rather, Maduro claimed top scientist from Russia and Germany had been consulted about persevering Chávez's corpse, and they agreed that the endeavor would be "very difficult" due to "technical" difficulties.   The problem, Maduro...(Read Full Post)