Upside down justice at CNN

A sixteen year old girl gets raped at a party by two star football players and even has her nude picture sent out as a trophy shot by one of the rapists.  The two football players get their day in court and are both convicted of rape. So what lead angle do you think Candy Crowley of CNN took when reporting the breaking news of the rape convictions? Did she report that justice was served for the victim and her family? Did she explain and give insight into the horror and trauma rape victims go through, often for the rest of their lives? Or did she report on how rape is becoming a growing concern today at high school and college parties involving alcohol and drug use? Surly, as a woman, Candy Crowley touched on some of these points in her report? Guess again. Candy Crowley's report on CNN of the two Steubenville high school football players' rape trial barely mentioned the rape victim or her family. Her report was basically nothing more than a pity fest for the convicted rapists....(Read Full Post)