Too Hot for American TV

American television nertworks, Fox News Channel among them, have decided that the attempted assasination of a leading critic of Islam in an American ally is unworthy of attention, so we must look northward for our information. Danish historian and journalist Lars Hedegaard was interviewed by Canadian Sun TV's Michael Coren for the third time since Hedegaard survived an assassination attempt in early February, ostensibly for his criticism of Islamic supremacism, and was forced into protective seclusion.   During this interview (Monday 3/18/13), Hedegaard observed, Anyone who stands up and criticizes Islam is fair game. It's like Mao said, "Kill one and frighten thousands." Hedegaard concluded that Islam must be freely criticized like any political ideology if the West is to harbor Muslim populations, yet maintain its bedrock freedom, freedom of speech. Please watch the full interview:     Although Lars Hedegaard has yet to be interviewed...(Read Full Post)