The Silence of the Shams

We have an entire industry in this country that is nothing more than a sham, pretending to be one thing while in fact, being something utterly different. That industry is, of course, the liberal media, who daily vow to bring you all the news while in fact sifting the worth of any story through a liberal sieve that has been perfected to block the passage of any story that might reflect well on the conservative view. A glaring example has come to be in the past week.

Remember a little more than a year ago when a tattooed black thug, whose claim to thuggery, well documented by his own words and photographic submissions to the social media websites, was shot dead by a neighborhood watch volunteer in a confrontation that drew and held the liberal media in thrall for weeks. Every outraged broadcast perpetuating the liberal myth that an innocent young black child had been murdered by a white racist was accompanied by a photo of the black thug when he was still a bright, smiling innocent of approximately twelve years of age. The "white Hispanic" who killed him fared worse: his photographic introduction to the world was a post-arrest mug shot.

Even though the web media quickly surfaced an accurate depiction of both, the liberal media refused to replace their images with those that more correctly depicted the two participants because it didn't fit their narrative of evil white man guns down innocent black youth. To hell with reality, this is the story we're pushing so we'll use the pics that carry our story line. Recall the outrage, the crusading black rabble-rousers who quickly flew to the scene so as to be seen. Recall the illegal offers of a bounty on the head of the defendant by a militant black organization.

OK, surely you have the picture by now. Let us then compare and contrast those events with last week's vicious shooting down in coastal Georgia of a white infant in its stroller by an angry, young, black thug who accosted the infant's mother in a failed robbery attempt. Frustrated that the baby's mother had no money on her person, this brute, frustrated that he'd been so stupid as to pick such an unlikely target, casually and vindictively shot her tiny baby in the face, snuffing out the fledgling existence of a totally, helpless innocent.

Here's your challenge: Google that incident using any number of search terms and see how many network news reports you turn up. Unlike the non-stop, hand-wringing anguish over the death of that poor innocent black child in Florida, the senselessly savage execution of a truly helpless innocent at the hands of a surly thug isn't newsworthy in the new politically-correct America. Here we have a horrific crime that, should the races be reversed, would be dominating the network airways. Yet most of America hasn't even heard of this abominable act.

That, folks, is because a bunch of liberal network producers in New York and Los Angeles don't want you to hear any news that does not support their liberal narrative. White on black homicide fits their views thus it's news. Black killing white gets no light. Think about that: in every single day that passes, these few liberal overlords decide what you shall hear. And if any news event does not support their leftist agenda, you are assured of not hearing about it. To call themselves news networks is the most laughable lie one can imagine.