Obama's nightmare of a second term

There is a lot of talk these days about "same sex marriage," "gun control," "voter ID," et al. We are not hearing a lot about jobs, GDP growth or any of those complicated foreign policy problems that could just overwhelm President Obama's time in the next couple of years.

Call me cynical but I think that President Obama is engaging in a bit of distraction or keeping his base happy with a lot of the stuff that they want to hear.

Can you blame President Obama?  Frankly, you can't.  He does not have a lot of things going his way.

President Obama faces an incredible difficult list of problems such as Syria, Libya, North Africa and even Iraq could turn into a major headache. (Who would have believed Iraq after the hard work that President Bush & the troops did in 2007-08)

And I did not mention North Korea or Afghanistan.

And what about Iran?  How is the left in the US going to react when we "preemptively" bomb Iran without much international support?

And I did not mention Venezuela, a country on the verge of a constitutional crisis.

Or Cuba, the island nation that could implode on the day that Caracas shuts off the oil subsidy.

And Russia and China are pushing their weight around.

And the Euro-zone is entering a recession.

Can you blame President Obama for preferring to talk about same sex couples having the right to marry?

Back home, how is that $870 billion stimulus "stimulating"?  Remember the stimulus that was going to build bridges, roads and create all of those "shovel ready jobs"?

Well, it did not work out that way.  We just learned that the US GDP "grew" at a 0.4% rate in the 4th quarter. Frankly, there is no growth anytime there is a "0" before the period!

This is pathetic.  This is just another sign that the US economy is suffering from a bad case of regulations and a little too much "class warfare".

Why are more people on food stamps?  Why are jobless claims up unexpectedly?

What about those deficits?   Remember when Pres Bush was "unpatriotic" for running deficits?  Or when voting for increasing the debt ceiling was a lack of leadership?  

Furthermore, the Obama-Care implosion continues.  We just learned today that premiums will go up.  I guess that all of that stuff about keeping your own policy or lower health care costs was just plain wrong.

I think that President Obama will likely face the most difficult second term since President Truman.  

It will painful to watch even if you did not vote for the guy.

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