The Near-Martyrdom of Lars Hedegaard

This was a busy week for Boston's rabbis.  Since it was almost Passover, there were the same-sex and outreach seders to arrange, as well as the blast e-mails damning guns and blessing Obama's trip to Israel. However, in a suburb of Boston there is one rabbi, Jonathan Hausman, known to his groupies as "the warrior-rabbi," who this week did something different: He opened his synagogue, Ahavath Torah, to a large crowd, for a rare opportunity to meet and listen to Danish free-speech activist Lars Hedegaard.  Hedegaard,  as you probably know, is the latest in a line of prominent people targeted for death. Their crime? "Islamophobia."  If you don't know the details of the attempt on Hedegaard's life, here is how he tells it. It was morning in Copenhagen: when the door-phone buzzed.  The phone doesn't work properly--I can hear that I have visitors but not communicate with them. Nor can I buzz them in. I opened a window in my apartment to see who was down...(Read Full Post)