The Mass Murderer Mentality

Mental health has been an abysmal failure in identifying the potential mass murderer and educating the public about the nature and limits of psychiatric treatment. Freud clearly stated in his writings almost one hundred years ago that not everyone can be a patient and not everyone can be treated. That is as true in America today as it was in Vienna in the late 1800's. Psychiatrists need to set aside their academic training and listen to their gut, not their professors. Humans experience an automatic physiological reaction in the presence of danger. Experience teaches that we ignore our gut instincts at our own peril. To sit with a child, adolescent or adult that is like the mass killers is to feel instant fear, disgust and rage. The listener's gut tightens, the fists clench and the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. He wants only to escape. This set of physical reactions distinguishes between normal, neurotic, asocial and evil. Our animal cousins are far better at this skill,...(Read Full Post)