The Man who would be King

It must be quite nice to be king.  Or at least think of yourself as king.  Dear Leader Barack Obama exhibited that behavior while at a "working lunch" hosted by Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) last Wednesday (March 13).  The food consisted of Maine lobster salad, Fox Family Potato Chips (from Maine), wild blueberry pie, and Gifford's Ice Cream (made in Maine) for the pie. But, Obama could not partake of any of the food because (seriously) his personal taster was not present.  Collins pointed out "... directly to him that all present in the room were 'tasters', and if it was poisoned or something they'd have all already 'keeled over'... yet - after stating 'you have better food than the Democrats do' - he STILL refused to eat a single bite without his own food taster...[.]"  So, according to Collins, Obama "... looked longingly at it [the food].  He honestly did look longingly at it, but apparently he has to have essentially a taster,...[.]' This...(Read Full Post)