The lessons of CPAC

Andrew Malcolm of IBD does the best job so far of summing up CPAC and explaining what it says about the state of conservative politics.  A genuine veteran, he provides perspective, beginning with an acknowledgement that the movement is still healing, and "first things first" the speeches demonstrated the common ground that is forming: ... thousands of grassroots conservatives listened and began chewing on common positions on issues outlined during long days of panels and potential party leaders. Everyone seemed pretty much in agreement that life is sacred from the instant of conception, that Obama's spending addiction needs an intervention and threatens the future of every existing child, that the country could use a budget for the first time in four years and that more taxes are not the answer to America's current fiscal crisis. [...] It's way too early for any consensus on thorny issues like immigration. But judging by the rhetorical reaches from the podium, pretty much every...(Read Full Post)