The Great Jefferson Hotel Sandbag Gambit

President Obama hosts a dinner of lamb and lobster with 12 "key" Republican senators at the Jefferson Hotel on March 6.  The following day, at the White House,  President Obama and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan have lunch together and dine on lentil vegetable soup and broiled sea bass served with a roasted vegetable ragu. Evidently Obama is finally engaging House Republicans  to hammer out a compromise fiscal plan? After stonewalling the Republican leadership and refusing to consider their views about what needs to be done to get the US fiscal house in order, Obama has finally seen the light and is putting the interests of the US ahead any fundamental differences about the proper role of government in the lives of US citizens? Obama is finally putting on his "big boy pants?" So O'Reilly and Brit Hume have it all wrong? As you may have noticed, I'm getting very frustrated with President Obama. It has nothing to do with ideology. It has to do with...(Read Full Post)