State Supreme Court judge strikes down Bloomberg's soda ban

A New York Supreme Court judge halted Mayor Michael Bloomberg's attempt to ban the sale of super size sugary sodas from restuarants and most other venues. In doing so, Judge Milton Tingling scolded Bloomberg for his high handed tactics. Wall Street Journal: New York state Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling declared invalid Mr. Bloomberg's plan to prohibit restaurants, mobile food carts, delis and concessions at movie theaters, stadiums or arenas from selling sugary drinks in cups or containers larger than 16 ounces. The ban was set to begin Tuesday. Judge Tingling determined that Mr. Bloomberg exceeded his authority by sidestepping the City Council and placing the issue before the city's Board of Health, a panel whose members were each appointed by the mayor. Mr. Bloomberg said at the news conference he has no plans to bring the measure before the City Council. Rick Hills, a law professor at New York University, said, "There's a sense that Bloomberg has an imperial disdain...(Read Full Post)