South Korea's Problems Worsen. Could China Be Next?

Earlier this week several banks in South Korea suffered computer crashes which shut down their operations, including their ATM networks. Unsurprisingly, many people jumped to the conclusion that North Korea had authored these attacks as a warning to South Korea not to engage in practice military maneuvers with the US military aimed at preparing for actions against North Korea. Then it was reported that the offending computer signals which started this disaster originated from computers in China. This weekend the computer disaster in South Korea worsens, but the attribution for its origins has changed. As the conservative Japanese news source Sankei reports, the computer attack against the banks seems to have come from domestic South Korean computers, from those of an agriculture cooperative, it seems. The South Korean government has gone as far as to apologize to China for the now-discredited reports of the attacks' Chinese origins. While investigations to find the culprit...(Read Full Post)