Sen. Manchin in talks with NRA on background checks

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is quietly reaching out to the NRA in order to win its approval of some kind of expanded background check for gun purchasers. Politico: That the NRA is even talking with Manchin suggests there's at least some room for negotiation for the group - despite its public posture against tougher gun laws, several sources say. And if successful, a Manchin-NRA deal could draw in enough Republicans and red-state Democrats to defeat an expected GOP filibuster of the overall gun control bill when it hits the floor next month.   The move marks a new approach for the conservative West Virginia Democrat and could prove a pivotal moment in the gun control debate. For several weeks, the NRA ally and hunting enthusiast has been trying to win over GOP senators, but so far many Republicans have been squeamish for a variety of reasons -- namely over calls to require retailers to keep background check records. But if the NRA stays neutral and decides not...(Read Full Post)