Republicans Should 'Raise' Tax Rates Now

It turns out that the Obama Administration is deliberately making these sequestration "cuts" as painful as possible for the American people. And no matter what Bob Woodward says, Obama and the rest of the MSM will continue to blame the sequestration and any subsequent unrelated negative economic news on Republicans. So perhaps Republicans should just throw in the towel and hold a press conference to announce that they are now all in favor of Obama's "balanced" approach which includes more tax revenue. Please hear me out before throwing the nearest heavy object at your computer screen. Those who get their "news" from NBC, ABC, CNN, NPR and the rest of the administration's propaganda wing may think ("feel" would be a better word) that sequestration has brought about actual cuts in government spending. But these so-called "cuts" are nothing more than reductions in the rate of spending growth. If some department was going to receive a 10% increase in spending but will now only get a 3%...(Read Full Post)