Remember when Cuba was synonymous with 'sugar'?

Before the so called "revolution", Havana had a baseball team called "The Sugar Kings". They were a big part of Cuban baseball history: "No ordinary minor league team, the Sugar Kings were the Cincinnati Reds' International League Class AAA affiliate based in Havana for six and a half seasons in prerevolutionary Cuba. Though the team's existence was brief, the Sugar Kings drew a strong following in Cuba and became a springboard for Latin American players."  (NYTimes) The Kings were eventually moved to Jersey City in 1961 when the professional league was canceled. Apparently, the Sugar Kings were not the only thing that left Cuba. It appears that sugar production has left the island too. My good friend Carlos Eire reminds us today that sugar production is way down in Cuba, one more tragic consequence of "Fidelismo" in the island: "An island nation that once supplied the world with sugar can no longer produce enough for its own people....(Read Full Post)