Quick Takes on Current Films

If you were in the south of France for the past few months, these are some of the movies that came, and went, before you had a chance to catch them at the cinema. MY BROTHER THE DEVIL-- A Muslim-made, Muslim-starring gangsta pic from Hackney (London), an area of poor blacks and poor but kind of observant Muslims, most women in hijab, etc., where the action was so mottled with violent and ugly language, we thought that would be the sum of it, but no: The script drags in a "terrorist" charge against the (very handsome) older brother, which turns out to be just a cover for the guy being the equivalent of the worst of the worst: a "homo." Gang turpitude, violence and all with a British overlay:a whole lot of hard to understand argot and underclass slang mixed with Arabic snatches and brotherly rivalry. Male posturing, and badly titled, the filmmakers probably won't make much unless they redo the thing with subtitles. Even then, it's a wee pocket of male-hormone rageaholism,...(Read Full Post)