Obama's Sequestration plan works to perfection

Anyone who is up in arms about Obama being the Bully-in-Chief and having their heart strings pulled because one of his White House toadies threatened a couple of liberal media types need to get your heads out of your rears! We're talking about second term full-on hyper socialist agenda mode for team Obama. And what just took place at 12:00am this morning was the lynch pin in Obama's plan to cover up his crashing of the economy by successfully blaming sequestration and the pending economic catastrophe on the Republican Party. With people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity falling all over themselves to call out Barack the bully and all his toadies for doing what they've been doing for the past four years is just amazing to watch. It seems as if all the so called "leaders" of the conservative movement are just as "low information" as the 51percenters who voted Obama in for a second term. Sequestration is nothing compared to what Obama has already set in motion for our economy....(Read Full Post)