Obama uninterested in balancing the budget

I know this isn't a surprise. But I wonder if the voters agree with him? The Hill: President Obama is unlikely to balance the budget when he releases his budget blueprint next month. White House press secretary Jay Carney on Monday said Obama's budget will seek to put the U.S. on a "fiscally sustainable path" that brings the deficit below 3 percent of gross domestic product. He said Obama's proposal would not attempt to hit an arbitrary target, however, and that it will only project over the next decade. "The broader effort underway here is to try to, through the budget process, achieve a compromise that allows for both entitlement reform and tax reform, that produces the savings necessary to achieve that $4 trillion-plus target over 10 years of deficit reduction to put our economy on a fiscally sustainable path," Carney said. "And that is the president's goal: Deficit reduction large enough to put our economy on a fiscally sustainable path so that the ratio of...(Read Full Post)