Obama said What!??!

In the two weeks leading up to President Obama's visit to Israel and Ramallah ("City of Allah"), there were numerous rock-throwing attacks on Israelis as well as violent protests within the Palestinian Authority that their forces had to quell. I do not have a full list of attacks on Israelis, but here are three as examples. As of March 13, 2013, reports that B'tselem protested the detention of 27 Palestinian "children" for throwing rocks at Israelis and IDF soldiers in Hebron. The Tel Aviv court has ruled that rock throwing is a hate crime for rocks kill. Well, that's elucidating the obvious. Ten Palestinian "children" were arrested for throwing rocks in Samaria that broke the windshield of the car driven by a mother and her three daughters under the age of 8. All are in serious condition in the hospital with little Adele (three years old) critically injured. Rocks were thrown at a public bus in east Jerusalem. No arrests. In the light of these reports, can sense be made of this...(Read Full Post)