New Horizons in 'Sensitivity'

Not that it will come as any surprise to most American Thinker readers but, a couple of weeks ago, Yale hosted a week-long workshop to foster "sensitivity" to such upstanding behaviors as bestiality, incest, and prostitution. And assuming adult-child sex and rape were not covered at this "training" session, never a wise assumption, look for those to rear their ugly heads openly in future conferences by these activists. NAMBLA is not going to sit back and accept their position as a pariah organization for long. Attendees were surveyed on their sexual histories. Nine percent of participants admitted to having accepted payment for sexual favors, three percent confessed to bestiality, twelve percent had filmed their intercourse, and a whopping fifty-two percent had engaged in consensual pain. Only twenty-two percent of participants claimed to have never had sex with another person. Allowing for my own skepticism at the reliability of most peoples' sexual claims, especially college-aged...(Read Full Post)