Napolitano: 'Border is secure'

No, that statement is not from some late night comic trying to get a cheap laugh from the audience. The person who said the border is secure is the person responsible for making it so: DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. ABC News: "My belief is that you need to fix the entire system because, from my standpoint, one of the biggest draws of illegal traffic across the border is the demand for illegal labor," she said Thursday. "And until you have a natural -- a nationwide system, for employers to be able to verify their employees, it's really tough to get at that demand side." The secretary, who worked the Arizona-New Mexico border for 20 years as a prosecutor and then governor, said the border can always be improved and should never stop benefitting from new security technology, but the difference between today's border and that of days past is evident. "The amount of manpower, technology, everything else that we have put on that border is simply amazing," she said. "This is...(Read Full Post)