My Fear of a Black President

I cannot bear my shame alone. I must confess: I am afraid of Barack Obama because he is black. I owe this realization to Chris Matthews, MSNBC's bold exemplar of liberal color-fixation. During the March 6th edition of "Hardball" he stated: "I look at Obama as the perfect American... I don't know what [right wingers] have to be afraid of him for, except he's black." Thank you, Mr. Matthews, for revealing to me that I am actually fearful of our president's skin color. I don't know why I hadn't realized this before. Until now, I had believed that I have subjected Mr. Obama to the same standards of judgment I've applied to other presidents. I had believed that I have been critical of Mr. Obama for substantive reasons, such as infidelity to the Constitution, bad policies, screwed-up values, and rude and arrogant behavior unbefitting a U.S. president. Yet, according to Chris Matthews, it's all really just about my fear of color. And now that the "Hardball" host has pointed out that I am...(Read Full Post)