My Black Family Regarding Obama

Make no mistake about it: Barack Obama is not so much a president seeking the best interests of America as he is the leader of a movement.  To all you black folks in my family who still think there is something seriously wrong with me for not supporting our black president, allow me to explain. Obama is leading a socialistic, secular Progressive anti-America movement. Whether you black folks in my family are ready to deal with it or not, the truth is, Obama is always on the opposite side of what I know y'all believe.  Though claiming to be a Christian, Obama is always opposing Christianity.  Our family heritage is full of ministers, deeply rooted in Christianity.  No one in our family supports homosexual marriage.  And yet, y'all support Obama, who not only supports this sin, but is leading a movement hell-bent on forcing us to accept it as "normal."  Obama vowed to be not just a friend to the gay, lesbian, and transgender communities, but an...(Read Full Post)