Mr. Obama Takes His Perpetual Campaign to Israel

That old community organizer spirit of stirring up the grass roots citizenry with populist demagoguery has served Obama well here in the States, and it now appears he's going to try a bit of the same when he visits Israel next week. According to Reuters news reports, the US President plans to try an end-run around Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and attempt to persuade Israelis directly that he is not as antagonistic toward their country as his actions show him to be -- and which they clearly realize as a hallmark of his Middle East attitudes since the day he took office and made his infamous "apology speech" in neighboring Egypt, without so much as a brief visit across the border to the Jewish State. Israelis, unlike the majority American Jewish voters, have a keen sense of who their real friends are and whom can be trusted when serious help is needed -- causing Obama a major public opinion problem among the Israeli populace. It's not surprising that his use of perpetual...(Read Full Post)