More problems with implementing Obamacare

Another day and more ObamaCare headaches: It looks like the application process will be very complicated.  The AP compares applying for BO-Care as complicated as doing your taxes. Will be the exchanges be ready next January 1st?  My friend Matt K Lewis is not optimistic. And taxes will be higher than anticipated. How did we get here?   First, government programs are always more expensive than anticipated.  It is the way it is. Second, my guess is that most Democrats voted for this law expecting The Supreme Court to reverse it.  A judicial rebuke would have given the Democrats the best of both worlds:  they voted for it but those 5 guys appointed by Bush, Bush & Reagan took your universal health care away. Well, Supreme Court Justice Roberts spoiled the party.  He approved BO-Care on the grounds that Congress can raise taxes. So the Democrats are now stuck in a place that they do not want to be in: 1) They...(Read Full Post)