Make them howl! Senate votes to keep WH tours closed

The continuing resolution passed by the Senate yesterday that will fund the government until September had a few minor sequester fixes, giving bureaucrats a little more flexibility in some departments for deciding where the cuts will fall. One big change was in restoring funds for meat inspections. Meat packers must have an inspector on site and the FDA was going to start furloughing some of those inspectors in the coming weeks. By restoring the money, the industry says the US will process billions of pounds more of beef and poultry that we would have if the cuts were still in place. But no such luck for school kids and tourists who want to tour the White House. Washington Times: "It was important that Congress act to prevent a potential crisis from developing in our nation's food supply," said Sen. Christopher A. Coons, Delaware Democrat. "Backlogs in food inspections could result in the shutdown of processing facilities and send devastating ripple effects through rural...(Read Full Post)