Libertarians on the rise at CPAC

This account by the Daily Beast's Michael Moynihan highlights the virtual libertarian takeover of CPAC this year and what it means for Rand Paul: When Rand Paul addresses those issues that divide libertarians and traditional conservatives-national security, the drug war, immigration, gay rights-he does so gingerly, framing them for the CPAC audience. Guantánamo and the drone program, and civil liberties in general, are prefaced with an attack on the Obama administration (cheers!) and an invocation of the "brave young men and women" fighting overseas (louder cheers!). When he attacks the foreign-aid budget, he leaves Israel, the biggest recipient of American largesse, alone and riles the crowd with a reference to Egypt and those who "chant death to America" (rapturous cheers!). Watching Paul work the crowd, a young woman-her demure dress adorned with "Stand With Rand" stickers-pronounced that the senator clearly "loves his country so much." Her companion enthused that...(Read Full Post)