Latest Obamacare goal: avoid 'third world experience'

Talk about managing expectations! Where once President Obama promised cheaper, universal health care, extending the blessings of the highest quality medical care in the world to all, now an Obamacare official merely wants to be better than Zimbabwe when it comes to the public's experience. The latest warning comes from Henry Chao, an official at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, responsible for developing the websites for state insurance exchanges (the ones that a majority of states have declined to offer).Philip Klein of The Examiner writes: With time-running out before the major provisions of President Obama's health care law are set to be implemented, the official tasked with making sure the law's key insurance exchanges are up and running is already lowering expectations. "The time for debating about the size of text on the screen or the color or is it a world-class user experience, that's what we used to talk about two years ago," Henry Chao, an official at the...(Read Full Post)