In Defense of Daylight Savings Time

The reason daylight savings time (DST) was initially implemented was to save energy by taking advantage of more hours of natural light, although many studies show that this has resulted in minimal savings. It wasn't until World War I was underway (1918 for the United States) that nations began to use daylight savings time.  It was later repealed, reinstated for World War II, and made more uniform and permanent in 1966 for those states and territories which decide to participate.  Hawaii, most of Arizona, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands don't observe DST. The extra hour of sunlight helps businesses in general because many people, primarily for safety reasons, simply do not like to drive or shop at night.  As realtors, the extra hour of usable sunlight gives us an extra hour to conduct business during weekdays, because many potential buyers who are looking at houses after work, want to see the houses, and their surrounding neighborhoods,...(Read Full Post)