Frankenquester hits White House tours

At some point, the Frankenquester starts parodying itself. Obama goes on golfing vacations but can't find a few hundred grand to pay tour guides? Who is he kidding? The Hill: An email sent to lawmakers from the White House Visitors Office said that it would not be able to reschedule affected tours, which are typically scheduled through lawmakers on Capitol Hill.   "We very much regret having to take this action, particularly during the popular Spring touring season," the White House email said. It was unclear how many employees from the Visitors Office have been affected by the $85 billion in spending cuts, which set in on Friday. President Obama and members of his administration have warned that the spending cuts would impact millions of lives, including at airports around the nation. Speaking to reporters on Monday, Obama said, "we are going to manage it as best we can, try to minimize the impacts on American families, but it's not the right way...(Read Full Post)