Cruz and Feinstein in blow up over the Second Amendment

My experience has been - and it is admittedly a small sampling of liberals - that the left refuses to discuss Constitutional limits on federal power. They accuse you of trying to trap them, or, as in the case of Senator Diane Feinstein who was asked a question by Senator Ted Cruz about applying her interpretation of the Second Amendment to the First Amendment, they whine about being lectured, or as Nancy Pelosi dismissively said when asked if the individual Obamacare mandate was constitutional replied "Are you serious?" They refuse to engage on the question of constitutional limits because they don't believe in any - except when it comes to guns, or conservative radio, or the amount of wealth one can accumulate. Then they become originalists very quickly. But this exchange between Cruz and Feinstein should be put in a time capsule and pulled out 100 years from now. The Weekly Standard has the transcript: "The question that I would pose to the senior senator from...(Read Full Post)