Coulter to Bloomberg: Sodas? What about bathhouses?

Ann Coulter raised an excellent issue on Geraldo at Large when, in a debate with a liberal supporter of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's self-declared war on personal bad health habits, she asked in so many words, "Why doesn't he close down the gay bathhouses?" For those of you out here in flyover country who may be unfamiliar with bi-coastal sexual practices, gay bathhouses are gathering places for men who are seeking anonymous, promiscuous, and frequently public sex with like-minded men.  Such facilities first became more widely known to unsophisticated provincials back in the eighties with the rise of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  As it turned out, these bathhouses were the primary incubators for HIV.  Following that discovery, many of them closed down when fearful gays quit patronizing them and government health departments increased their oversight.  Within the gay community there was even a term for the relationship between bathhouses and AIDS: the...(Read Full Post)