Connecting the mundane to the magnificent

Theology's impact in the affairs of men is always important (and sometimes even acknowledged, at least during sacred holiday seasons). Decades ago a brilliant theologian connected much of the mundane to the magnificant.  He also linked science to society, giving warnings to both. In Christian theologian Bernard Lonergan's classic work, Insight: A Study of Human Understanding, first published in 1957,  one of his very last statements in the book is a pertinent, cautionary message for our times.  Dr. Lonergan writes: "[O]nce an empirical human science is developed sufficiently to be relevant to practical applications, there arises the supreme danger that the scientist will despair of human intelligence and reasonableness and will ambition the role of consultant in the policy-making of the ever more paternalistic state. Then it is that the theologian needs the alliance of fully enlightened scientists. ...(Read Full Post)