Christians protest in Pakistan against Muslim violence

There were dozens of Christian houses torched over the weekend in Lahore after an apaprent false charge of blasphemy was leveled against a Christian. Police say they have 150 in custody who will be charged with terrorism. But the protest by hundreds of Christians was also against the inability - and reluctance - of Pakistani authorities to prosecute crimes against Christians. CNN: Outraged Pakistani Christians took to the streets of Lahore on Sunday, protesting a rash of violence against their community over the weekend. Demonstrators denounced the burning of more than 100 homes of Christians on Saturday -- a spree spurred by allegations that a Christian man made remarks against the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Some of the hundreds of protesters Sunday threw stones at police, saying the government failed to adequately protect Christians, Lahore senior police official Rai Tahir said. Tahir said video footage of the fires helped lead to the arrests of more than 150...(Read Full Post)