Celebrity is Accomplishment

Celebrity is accomplishment.  Yes, notoriety seems to have been equated with ability. Popularity is now par with wisdom.  This is the world we live in, or at least it is the world created, arranged and delivered to us via the media. Does this explain the current Presidency? There certainly is a symbiotic relationship between entertainment and news presentation.  Hollywood embraces Washington and vice versa.  Major networks seem to blur the lines of entertainment and news presentation.  In fairness, news presentation can be entertaining. Maybe it should be entertaining. But we should keep in mind that entertainment is not news. Subliminally woven into the productions are the notions that entertainers/celebrities are resultantly intelligent, able, knowledgeable, capable or astute. Who really cares what Matt Damon, Daryl Hanna, and George Clooney think?  I suspect that those who actually do care, also can't answer the question, "What country is just...(Read Full Post)