America and the HRC

Last week I attended a seminar organized by the European Union of Jewish Students focused on the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. All week we sat in on the Council's proceedings, met with experts and heads of NGOs, and spoke with representatives from various countries' missions to what is intended to be the international forum for the defense of human rights. As an American, I was interested to see the results of the Administration's unprecedented decision to join the Council in 2009, continuing its desire for a "new era of engagement" -- a policy from which little else has come. Inside, however, what I saw was a room filled with hypocrisy and hate. Our attending coincided with the Council's treatment of standing agenda Item Seven, "The Human Rights Situation in Palestine and other Occupied Arab territories." Though the Council has Item Four, dedicated to country specific resolutions, of the total of ten standing agenda items one is dedicated every session solely to...(Read Full Post)