Ahmadinejad in trouble for hugging Chavez's mother

How fanatical are the powers that be in Iran? This is truly nutzo. Telegraph: The Iranian president's domestic opponents reacted furiously after photos emerged of him giving Elena Frias de Chavez, 78, a consoling hug at last Friday's funeral in Caracas - at which he also kissed Mr Chavez's coffin. "I say directly that he went too far with what he mentioned in his tribute" Mr Khatami said. "The president is well aware that such a tribute will provoke reactions in our religious institutes He could have sent a diplomatic message with no religious connotations." Religious conservatives said the act insulted Iran's religious dignity and amounted to "haram" - a term used to describe a religiously forbidden act under Islamic rules. Mohammad Taghi Rahbar, the Friday prayer leader of Iran's second city, Isfahan, told Mehr news agency that Mr Ahmadinejad had "lost control". He added: "Shaking hands with a non-mahram (unrelated by family) woman, under...(Read Full Post)