A Tragic Divide

One of their many organizational virtues (ideological virtues, alas, they have none) is Democrats' willingness to overlook religious affiliation, provided an individual is onboard with left-wing ideology.  Regrettably, that is not true on the conservative side.  A fair number on the right positively encourage the idea that they are only too happy to deny votes even to the most Reaganesque of candidates, should the candidate follow the "wrong" religion. Comments following Catholic-focused pieces at conservative websites are shockingly instructive.  The vitriol resembles something straight out of a left-wing kookery. Many conservatives, self-described Christians, spout extensive Bible quotations in referring to the Deity's feelings (of which they are, presumably, the divinely-appointed interpreters on Earth) that Catholics aren't "real" Christians and are bound straight for Hell (i.e., "will not be Saved").   Mormons, or for that matter, any other religious...(Read Full Post)