10 Reasons Climate-Change Hysterics Continue

Here are 10 winning reasons for continued climate-change hysterics: 1.  Indoctrination from grade school through graduate school has inculcated the "incontrovertible conclusion" that people are destroying the planet.  By acting to save the earth, precious self-esteem is elevated, while guilt is assuaged. 2.  Lack of depth of understanding about science and scientific practice, not only because of being uninitiated, but partially because inadequate science education has left the public either clueless about, intimidated by, or apathetic to science in general and climate change in particular. 3.  Man-made climate-change hype acculturation has infused acceptance of human culpability into the psyche of everyone, from industrialists and businesspersons to the "man on the street." 4.  Billions of dollars are up for grabs with consultants making beaucoup bucks advising on carbon credits, technocrats raking in the cash with carbon ...(Read Full Post)