Yes Rush, There Is Resistance to Obama!

Rush Limbaugh said something extremely profound at the end of his depressing monologue in which he declared that there is no resistance to Obama.  Rush said that sooner or later, something will turn it around.  It always does.   Well, the time is now, and that something is us!  We the People, in the form of the Tea Party, are still here.  Though severely wounded, extremely discouraged, brutally battered, devastatingly betrayed, and soundly rejected, we the resistance survived and are poised for battle.  What's that line from the pop song?  "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."   We cried, we moped, and many, in a moment of frustration and hopelessness, temporarily gave up.  We are human.  Our pain is great.  But when the dust cleared, and upon stabilizing our emotions, patriots defaulted back to what motivated them to join the resistance four years  Love for the greatest nation on the planet, and a burning...(Read Full Post)