What Happens When the Government Tells the Truth

Two revelatory pieces of news hit Washington last week.  The first was a Justice Department "White Paper" that outlined which people the Executive Branch can kill without recourse to courts or review by Congress.  The second was Leon Panetta's "exit interview" with the Senate Armed Services Committee, in which he shed light on management -- or lack thereof -- in the Benghazi debacle.   One presents a president killing -- including American citizens -- to dispense justice as he sees fit, the other a president absent while someone else was killing Americans abroad.   Keep in mind President Obama's normal self-referential posture.  His 2009 West Point speech, outlining the surge of American forces into Afghanistan, used the word "I" 321 times in a total of 3,507 words.  He placed himself in the center of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.  He inserted himself into an argument between Harvard professor Henry Lewis Gates and Cambridge police officer...(Read Full Post)