Tunisia's Harlem Shake

Never in Tunisia's history has a dance video recorded at a Tunis high school by a handful of teenagers earlier this week created such controversy and division. "What happened is an insult to the educational message and whoever contributed will be held responsible", warned Abdellatif Abid, the Tunisian Minister of Education. In a stirring speech to the youth of the nation this Monday, the minister denounced the dance scandal and made clear his firm intention to order a probe and hold the teens accountable for the video. In response to the minister's swift reaction, the country's schools and colleges have turned into a giant dancefloor, with thousands of young students shaking their feet. Hundreds of newer videos have been released, receiving thousands of views on the social networks and causing a widespread criticism of the minister's decision. Others, however, applauded the Minister's speech and demanded severe punishment to curb the teens' uncontrolled desire for freedom of...(Read Full Post)