Trashing School Boards While Donating Money to Board Candidates?

Michelle Rhee, CEO of the lobbying organization StudentsFirst doesn't like school boards. As a matter of fact, she says "school boards are some of the most dysfunctional bodies that exist in this country." So, why has she poured money into a board race in Los Angeles? From LA Times: A group led by former District of Columbia schools chancellor Michelle Rhee donated $250,000 Wednesday to contests for seats on the Los Angeles Board of Education, adding further political fuel to a battle over the direction of reform efforts in the nation's second-largest school system. In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, Rhee made it known she thinks school districts should be under mayoral control. However, since she can't make that happen, Rhee's doing the next best thing: paying to play. From the interview: CR: Do school boards need more power? MR: Well, I would say no to that question because school boards in my opinion, I think that school boards in this country have been very susceptible to...(Read Full Post)